Seriously folks, STOP SPAMMING ME!!! I can understanding sending “useful spam” as ridiculous as that sounds. Those emails that we might actually read you know? But what purpose does it serve for you to hit a contact page and send me a bunch of gibberish??? One can only guess that it’s to see if your spamming tool is working before you send out the REAL stuff. Either way… Jonn.. STOP IT!! Or I am going to track you down and make you pay!

It’s bad enough that I get a TON of spam in my Gmail folder each and every signal dang day. I am usually pretty good about clearing it out several times a day. But if I don’t check it I can have like 1200 messages in one weekend. Ri-damn-diculous! I’m sure there are other ways to market whatever you are selling that might¬†actually¬†work.

Yes, I hate spammers.