I jumped in and joined Hulu Plus when it was in beta. So far, so good. For $9.99 per month I have been pretty happy with being able to watch more than just the last 5 episodes of some of my favorite shows. Hulu Plus also allows you to watch Hulu Content on other devices, including mobile devices.

The current mobile devices supported are the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The current media players supported are Samsung TVs & Blu-ray players, The PS3, Sony TVs & Blu-ray players. And just added today… the Roku! Which makes me very, very, very happy!!! I used to be able to play content on my PS3 from Hulu by subscribing to the feeds via TVersity, but they changed that quite a while ago when decided to roll out the Plus service. Listed as coming soon are support for the VIZIO Internet Connected TVs & Blu-ray players, the Xbox, and the TiVo Premiere. And I am hoping the the WD Live TV players series will be added to the list.

I just got an iPad yesterday (post coming!) and I immediately tested Netflex and Hulu Plus. They worked pretty darn well over WiFi. I have not yet tested over 3G.

Also, they decided to drop the price. It was $9.99 during the beta. The price will now be $7.99 a month. I even get $2 back for already being a member that did not get to experience the free trial. You can get a 1-week free trial to decide if you like the service before subscribing.

Head on over and check it out today. Then sign up for Hulu Plus. And by using my link to join you will get 2 WEEKS FREE!