We all dream about things that we want. Especially around now with the holidays coming up. Have you ever thought about what you would waste your money on if you were filthy rich? If I won the lottery today, I would definitely be doing a bit of shopping for expensive gadgets. The below guest post gives us a few ideas on what we might have if we lived the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

The name “luxury tech” may sound a little strange. When you think of luxury, you no doubt envision high-ceilinged rooms full of overstuffed furniture draped in sumptuous fabrics, sedans that could serve as a second home (and cost as much), or plates overflowing with exotic fruits, cheeses, and caviar. Luxury is embodied by all that is lavishly comfortable in the world. Tech, on the other hand, no doubt conjures images of devices that are cold, hard, and impersonal. So how do you combine these two seemingly disparate elements into one cohesive product? Easy: you use the technologies that make your life better to improve the comforts that make it worthwhile. In short, you transform tech gadgets into something high-end and exclusive. Here are just a few items for you to drool over.

  1. Diamond-encrusted iPhone. As if Apple weren’t already in the top echelon of electronics, they have decided to go above and beyond by blinging out their flagship gadget. Made by Amosu, this phone comes wrapped in 18 carat gold studded with 420 diamonds in white, black, or pink. It’s better than an engagement ring. And with a price tag that comes in at over $40,000, it’s probably more expensive, too.
  2. eSommelier. For only eight large, you can have a system that inventories your wine collection. The setup from Frontgate comes with a 15-inch LCD flatscreen, a 667 MHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, and an Ethernet hookup (plus USB ports). In short, it’s a very pricy computer for a very specific purpose. But if you have an extensive wine collection, you can catalogue it in order to search by vintage, vineyard, country, or region, saving you countless minutes searching your cellar before dinner. It’s the little things in life that make it all worthwhile.
  3. D-Box GP-200 Gaming Platform. If you are a gamer geek, this expensive gadget will make your eyes pop. This motion gaming chair looks like a cross between a medieval torture device and a cyberpunk personal vehicle, but baby, it will rock your world…literally. Equipped with three brushless electrical actuators, a steering wheel, and pedals that provide feedback during gaming, you will actually feel the engine rev and the gears shift while you play. Of course, crashes will happen, and you can feel those, too. But for a mere $16,000+, you can have the experience of driving a car in the comfort of your own home (without taking out any walls).
  4. SpaCapsule. Are you tired of having to leave the house (or wait 20 minutes for your personal masseuse to show up) every time you have a little tension in your lower back? Most of us would kill for your problems. In any case, you don’t have to wait any longer. The SpaCapsule is an in-home system that looks like an updated sleeping pod from Alien and comes equipped with a pulse-jet massage system, audiovisual stimulation from built-in speakers and a 7-inch LCD monitor (with touch-screen controls), and of course, an aromatherapy system so that just about all of your senses are engaged in relaxation (if only it came with a wine-tap and a bendy straw…). Price tag: $26,000.
  5. Lantic System Remote. The Gold RC1 Remote Control from this Danish manufacturer is the height of luxury tech. It’s created from super-posh pure gold, but it also has some major tech cred since it can not only control the usual suspects (like the TV, DVD, and stereo system) but also things you might not have thought a remote would be useful for (such as a burglar alarm, lighting, thermostat, and just about anything that moves or computes). For $55,000, the techiest of luxury items can be used to control your hidden fortress (or your home).

Sarah Danielson writes for Remote Desktop for Mac where you can discover the benefits of remote desktop software and receive a free 30 day trial.