No, of course not. There are plenty of products such as gadgets to go around! I actually LOVE to read reviews and do my homework before buying anything. Once I decide that I am going to make a purchase, I might spend 3-4 days off and on (sometimes more) reading reviews before deciding to buy. And let me tell you, that has saved me more than once from making a bad decision. Not only are in depth blog reviews great, but I always check out the purchaser reviews that users put on sites such as Amazon, etc. The will tell you point blank, “it stopped working after 3 days”.

I recently wrote about interviewing the owner of, a GREAT resource for products reviews. And of course there are big name tech sites like Engadget, Mashable, and Gizmodo. Everyone flocks to those sites when a new product comes out to see what they say. But it’s not just the big names that carry valuable info. Us little people still use products, and we give our honest opinion on them.

Here are a few other sites that I found when browsing for product info and reviews that I had not previously visited. You may have heard of them already, but I had not.


Product Reviews

Review Heaven

Home Toys

Gear Log