Well sorta… really I just feel like rambling. 🙂 I have talked before about how much I love computers. After all, I do run this blog. I am not exactly sure where this niche came from. It just always seemed to be there.


From the time that my mother put me in computer classes learning BASIC, I was hooked. I knew that I wanted to work with computers… ALL.THE.TIME! So now, as an adult, every opp that is thrown at me where I get to play with new computers and related gadgets, I am all over it! And I am bound to be accused of being addicted. Well, what can I say??

My first computer was a Commodore 64. “The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over  The Lazy Dog…” Remember?

I then got an IBM PS/2 Model 80. Now THAT was a monster tower! That was so heavy I think it could sink a boat. And the specs?? It was a whopping 80MB (yes, megabyte) hard drive, 32mb of RAM, and I think that I had my 9600 baud US Robotics Modem hooked up. When I gog the computer it has no operating system at all. I had to teach myself how to install Windows 3.1. I was just happy as can be with that and being able to dial in to my BBS, AOL, and Compuserve to get on the “net” and talk to others. I had NO idea what a laptop was at that time.

But now??? I am sitting at my desk surrounded by a desktop (which is currently dead – another post in itself), 2 – 17″ laptops, a 13.3″ laptop, and a 11.6″ netbook. Why?? Well.. it is not *all* my fault. I purchased the desktop about 3.5 years ago. I am actually surprised that I have held on to and been happy with the same desktop all this time! I used to be a compulsive desktop upgrader! That passion moved on to my laptops, which I did sell off and upgrade a couple of times. I purchased my HP laptop a little over a year ago. I’ve been pretty happy with it. I bought my Acer Aspire One 11.6 inch NetBook last December to replace my previous purchase, which was an adorable little pink 8.9″.  I recently received a darling red Toshiba 13.3″ Notebook as part of a promotion with AMD. THEN, I received this lovely 17.3″ Dell from my new friends at Intel.

Man, had I known over a year ago that people would be giving me beautiful computers, I may have saved my money. 🙂 But, you know what is really pitiful?? I ACTUALLY USE THEM ALL!!! Seriously, isn’t that horrible? And I LOVE them all, and don’t want to part with not one. Each has it moments. I grab one depending on what I am doing. I can admit that I am not married to any one more than the other. Is that weird?? I mean Acer, Dell, HP and Toshiba all make excellent machines and they are all a-ok by me! I know some folks are married to their brands. I used to be that way, but I have broadened my horizons. And I know from working in IT for years that no matter the brand, they all have the potential to have issues. 🙂 I give all my computers distinctive names. They are connected. They share data. And I can have my own LAN party whenever I want. 🙂

Can you say addicted???

Do you like any one brand better than another?? If so, why?