I have personally never been a fan of Blackberries. I am a tinkier, so I like a phone that is more fun than business. But, I do have to support them in my work and I know that they are solid devices. And the newer ones are pretty darn nice. I have not had to carry one for a few years. When I do get to play with one of the more recent ones, I am impressed by how far they have come. This is why SO many people are still loyal to the Blackberry. I hardly ever hear complaints of BB’s breaking down, crashes, having to be restored, etc. like the “fancier” phone OS’s.

Even three years after its release, the BlackBerry Curve remains most businesses – and many private users’ – first choice for many of its capabilities. Inevitably, first amongst them though are the phone’s email functions.

The Curve remains an industry leader for the ease with which it manages email accounts, allows for quick and intuitive composition, and – now at least – supports push notifications, giving users instantaneous access to their correspondence.

The Curve allows its users to combine multiple email accounts, and while this is now a standard feature, it was the Curve that made it so, and it still does it as well as any other phone on the market.

What’s more, the newest Curve model, the 8900, uniquely combines email with text messaging, social network notifications and BlackBerry Messenger alerts. RIM are successfully making strides, and the Torch provides more evidence of this, towards catering for a social market as well as a business market.

The QWERTY keyboard is something that remains unique to BlackBerry phones. Although the Torch now combines a touchscreen with a pull out keyboard, for all around basic composition the Curve is hard to better. If a touchscreen is deemed too much or unnecessary, then the Curve allows users to write emails without making the device unusually large and potentially unwieldy.

Of course, the true development that has allowed the Curve to realise its potential is the 3G integration, which keeps the handset and its user in contact with their many networks at all times.

While Wi-Fi performed reasonably for a time, 3G is now essential for the fast-moving world that the BlackBerry has become a part of. Indeed, it played a part in its rapid onset.

The BlackBerry Curve remains, for the time being at least, the quintessential phone for those for whom email is the primary consideration. While there is little doubt that it is eclipsed for wider functionality, it dispatches its primary duties with ease.

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