As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we just got a Wii. Before that, it had been quite a while since I play any type of video game at home. I see now that I have missed it! Nothing like a little game play with the kids to help you distress.

Along with the Wii, I received a copy of Battle of the Giants Dinosaurs Strike to throw a Wii party and review the game. Well, one of my kids was pretty sick this weekend so we had to postpone the party. But I wanted to get a post up in time for Friday shopping to talk about how cool this game is! It is rated E for everyone, but has Mild Fantasy Violence. At first I was a little apprehensive about letting my young kids play, but after checking it out I decided that it was ok. There is no blood, no gore, no eating people. It’s just the dinosaurs battling it out with each other. And hey, kids love watching dinosaurs!

It was pretty easy to figure out. My 4 year old, Jayden, took the lead and quickly figured out how to pick out and customize his own dinosaur. He chose a T-Rex (of course – he’s a boy!) which he decided to name Koo Koo. ROFL!!

Koo Koo went through an elimination tournament where he went up against dinosaur after dinosaur until only one was left standing. I had a turn too, and I must say that it was pretty entertaining. I used to like playing fighting games like this. I think it’s cool that they program different moves, etc. into each character. So, clicking the same buttons on a different dinosaur might result in a completely different attack move than the last.  It’s cool to see what they can all do and get used to doing different button combinations to make the dinosaurs do their thing.

I am looking forward to actually doing the Wii party and getting a large group of folks in the room for some real dinosaur battles!

Stay tuned for the full review of the game + giveaway coming up next week!

Disclosure: Clever Girls Collective and Ubisoft Provided me with a Wii, 5 Battle of the Giants games, and party favors to pass out to family and friends at our upcoming Wii party.