I love HTC Phones. They are solid, versatile units and they span a wide variety of mobile types. Android, Windows Mobile, etc. They have it covered. I have an HTC Evo which I absolutely love. LOVE!! The HTC Desire is an adorable phone that I have seen before on a display. It has the similar look of other HTC phones, which have a way of just making me want to play with them.

The screen of the HTC Desire is arresting in its enormity. At first look it seems to dominate the phone, as it well should being the primary input and output device, but the 3.7 inch OLED screen is both huge and beautiful.

Although the resolution falls short of the HD capabilities of the iPhone 4, 480 by 800 WVGA is nothing to be sniffed at, and the improved contrast afforded by the OLED screen more than makes up for this. Users will fail to even notice the difference in most instances.

The Optical Light Emitting Diode is perfect for phones, being both light and functional. Glare in the sun is more or less removed whilst keeping drain on the battery low – and the Desire needs all the help it can get in increasing the battery life, as many its other features do not show such favourable economy.

What’s more, at 3.7 inches the screen is never at a loss to do justice to anything. The on screen keyboard is compact without being unusable, and isn’t forced to dominate the screen at the expense of clarity or usefulness.

Web browsing is possibly the Desire’s strongest suit, and it too is a dream on the impressive screen.

Where it really comes into its own, though, is in media playback. Photographs are rendered vividly, and this is aided by the phone’s 5 megapixel camera: by no means the best around, but more than capable.

The screen is also perfect for video. The in-built camera, again, makes full use of this, but the SD card slot, which supports up to 32G, means that full movies can be watched and even action films don’t seem wasted.

Most impressively, all of this comes on one of the most sensitive touchscreens on the market. Even the slightest of touches is registered immediately.

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