Last Wednesday I was getting out of my car at the local mall. My iPhone 3Gs slipped from my grasp and dropped hard in a HUGE rain puddle that completely covered it. The Mophie Juice Pack flew off, and it sat there for what seemed like an eternity although I’m sure it was more like 20 seconds that it took me to pick it up. I immediately panicked but picked it up, stuffed it in my pocket and went inside because it was raining. The first thing I did was look at the moisture sensor on the bottom of the phone. Cause you know, it is me.. I’m the “iPhone Moisture sensor chick”. You Google “iPhone Moisture” and usually this post, pops up first. This was a fight that I had with Apple around 1.5 years ago when my old 3Gs sensor was tripped even though it had never been dunked in water. Long story. Go read the post if you care. 🙂 It caused quite an uproar.

Anyway, so how ironic for ME of all people to drop my phone in a puddle! I laughed about it for a while. The phone was wonky for a bit that day, but since then surprisingly it has been working mostly fine. System sounds are a bit strange. And yes, the sensor is red as can be. What does this mean? That my warranty is void. I can’t take it in to the Apple Bar without them hitting up for cash if I want a replacement.

Since it is working, I will probably just hang with it for a while. But I am going to check with my campus rep (it’s a corporate phone) and see if I am yet eligible for upgrade. I think that I am, so I may end up with an iPhone 4 soon.

The moral of this story? Hang on to your phone! Tight!