What do you get from the gadget lover that already has all the latest gadgets? Check out some of these unconventional ideas below. Personally, I would dig those heated slippers!


  1. USB Geek USB Heating Slippers.  Do you know someone who suffers from seriously chilled tootsies after sitting at their computer desk for many a long hour playing Everquest, Farmville, or some other equally engrossing game?  Keep them warm and comfortable with these fuzzy slippers that plug right into any available USB port on your PC and warm up like techno-magic.
  2. Digital Optical Eyewear.  Another one for those who stare at a screen all day, these shades made by Gunnar claim to reduce eyestrain so that you can keep on shooting aliens, zombies, and terrorist well into the night.
  3. Scottevest Carry-On Coat.  Known for outerwear that supports all your tech (clear-window interior pockets allow you to access the touch-screens on your favorite iDevices while cleverly placed holes let you plug in earphones), Scottevest makes it possible to take a short trip without a single carry-on with their latest garment, which sports additional pockets sized for a laptop, extra clothes, and even shoes.  Their trench coat includes patented NoBulge pockets and a weight management system will let you haul a lot without sacrificing comfort or style.  And when it comes time to go through TSA security, simply place your coat on the conveyor belt and breeze right through.
  4. Moshi Lifestyle Voice Control Alarm Clock.  Are you one of those people who can’t have a cool alarm clock because your significant other is too technologically stunted to figure out how to use it?  Well, if you’re honey can talk, they can figure out this handy tech gadget.  With twelve different voice activated commands (all of which start with “Hello, Moshi”) you can turn the alarm on and off and get the date, time, temperature, and more.
  5. Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius.  While getting a tech geek a book (not even an e-book) may seem sort of antithetical, at least this published work is full of cool and inexpensive gadgets that can be made at home.  Whether you want to crush cans with a magnetic pulse, see the world in infrared, or vanquish your enemies with a light saber, this is the manual that can help you to accomplish your electronic goals.
  6. Brondell Swash 800 Advanced Toilet Seat.  This is a gift for the geek who has everything.  If you thought there was no room in your home for more remotes, you obviously didn’t spy the clear space in the bathroom.  This throne offers heated-water washes and a warm-air dryer (all controlled by wireless remote) for the person who wants to wash and dry remotely every time they pop a squat.
  7. PhantomAlert.  This app for your GPS, cell phone, and soon the iPhone prepares the lead-footed among us for upcoming speed traps en route.  It does this by alerting the driver to red-light cameras, speed cameras, school zones, and so on, before they are reached so that safe driving decisions can be made (and tickets avoided).
  8. Wireless Luggage Finder.  Another tool for the geek on the go, this tiny gadget can fit on your keychain and it will alert you when your luggage is within 20 meters.  Simply attach the tag (which carries a wireless transmitter) to your luggage and wait for it to approach.  The tag will flash, vibrate, and sound an alarm as it nears you so that no one else thinks it’s theirs.  Each tag has an individual code so even if someone else is smart enough to have one as well, you can still identify your bag.

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