The Edifier Sound To Go is a great gift for the music lover that travels. Some small laptops are known for not having great sound. So what do you do when you are in your hotel room with a couple of hours to kill and you want to hear some GOOD music? Some might pull out earphones because they have better sound than the laptop speakers, but then you are tied to your desk.

Well, get that person a Edifier Sound To Go. It is sleek and good looking and comes in a handy pouch for carrying it around. When plugged into your USB port, it instantly becomes an external speaker with it’s own volume control. Tuck it into your laptop, and you won’t even know it’s there. Want to use it with your iPhone or MP3 player? That is fine too. Just keep it plugged into USB for power, and use the included audio cable to connect to your device.

The sound is really good and can match that of desk speakers. It has definitely become a stable in my travel bag.  The Sound to Go recently received a CES Innovation Award for 2011.

At only $49, it is a reasonable gift that they will greatly enjoy. It will be available soon.