Earbuds are another one of my addictions. Why? Because I get a pair, they are either not so great or I get a great pair that I love, and they break!

In the past couple of years I have gone through 2 pair of V-Moda Vibe Duo’s. Why 2? Because they keep developing a short!!! The things sound GREAT, but they are not made well. I saw reports of the same around the web from others. I have tried various other cheaper iSkulls and similar, and while the sound is OK, they are NOT high end earbuds.

Enter the Atomic Floyd MiniDarts. As you can see by the photo, they are very attractive. They look well made, and they have a great design.

They fit well in my ears just using the default tips, but there are a couple of sizes available to get the best fit. Once they are in, and the music is up, I can’t hear anything else which is just the way that I like it when I’m at work. 🙂

When you read the specs of the MiniDarts, you think wow.. I am going to put that luxury in my ear??? They are made of Steel, Titanium and 24 carat gold. Um, wow! The MiniDarts are covered in red attractive Kevlar and made from other durable materials.



  • Usage: Travel
  • Music Profile: Classical & Jazz,Hip Hop / R&B / Rap,Pop / Rock / Alternative / Country
  • Jack Type: Gold Plated,Straight
  • Other Features: In Line Mic w/track control,Noise Isolation
  • Inline Controls: Answer/End Call,Next Track,Pause,Play,Previous Track,Volume


  • Open & Closed Back: Closed
  • Form Factor: In Ear

Performance Highlights include:

Soundproof noise isolation: Say goodbye to background noise and sound leakage.

Dual-injected silicone ear tips create a snug 2-way noise isolating seal, so nothing but your music goes in and nothing but nothing comes out. Hear every note and every word with no leaks, no spills and no dirty looks from those around you.

C.L.A.R.I.T.Y at low volume: Stop hearing, start listening.

Turn the sound down and MiniDarts +Microphone still deliver razor-like highs and rich, creamy lows. Uncover hidden layers in every track and feel your music from a fresh perspective.

Custom fit: maximum comfort with minimalist looks

You get a snug, velvety, custom fit thanks to the compact size of the earphones and the smooth, pliable silicone ear tips that mould to the shape the ear canal. Try them on and you may never take them off.

Made in metal – made for life

Carved out of metal, tough super thin walls create more space for a bigger sound. Steel, titanium, gold, Kevlar®: Atomic Floydtm forge the future with durable materials fused with pioneering techniques.

Designed for music lovers with something to say – they work with iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, MP3 players and other mobile phones. Each pair comes with a palm-sized protective leather case, airplane adapter, DJ jack, and two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

I think these are superior earbuds that will make even the pickiest music afficiando happy. The inclusion of an airplane adapter adds some points from me. The MiniDarts are available for £149.00 (approx $200 US) exclusively from the UK Apple Store.