As you know, I recently got an iPad finally. I love it. I really love it(yes, I feel like a commercial). But, as with many fancy devices, there is always something that we want a little more of. In the case of the iPad, it’s shortcomings are standing out more now since newer tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab have hit the market. The below post from our friend Sarah outlines a few pros and cons of the iPad. I agree with her on all points. To the Con list, I would add that there is no microSD slot. Although it is available in 2 size flavors, the 16gb and the 32gb, it would be nice to easily be able to add space as needed.

If you label yourself a technophile, you have likely already ogled the iPad, which has now been available for purchase for several months.  You have no doubt read the reviews, checked out a friend’s, or at least tooled around on one in the Apple store.  But perhaps the attendant price tag (anywhere from $500 to $800+) has left you wondering if Apple’s latest iDevice is really all that.  You don’t want to drop that kind of cash unless you’re sure it can deliver everything you want (after all, for the same price you could get a decent laptop or a pretty nice desktop).  And while there is plenty to love about this handy tablet, there are also a few drawbacks that could prompt you to hold out for the next iteration.  Here are just a few pros and cons to consider before you shell out beaucoup bucks for the iPad.


  1. eReader.  This tablet was originally a response to the popularity of the Kindle.  As an eReader, it boasts a decently-sized screen, a touch-pad (for easy page-turning/scrolling), and access to the iTunes store for an ever-growing catalog of iBooks.  Kindle may remain at the top of the heap when it comes to eReaders (let’s face it: they’re a lot cheaper and currently have a better selection of texts), but Apple is sure to give them a run for their money over time.
  2. Other programs.  Pretty much anything you can get on your iPod or iPhone can also be had on your iPad.  You can connect to the internet, check your email, and download anything from iTunes (music, movies, games, etc.).  In short, it’s an all-in-one portable entertainment center.  Plus it’s slim, lightweight, and easily fits into any tote or backpack.  That kind of ease and accessibility is hard to beat.
  3. Wi-Fi and 3G.  You can limit yourself to Wi-Fi hotspots (within range of your wireless router, a local Starbucks, or one of the many devices that now creates a mobile hotspot), or you can pay a little more for the 3G network that allows you to get online from anywhere via AT&T.  Unfortunately, this will cost you a monthly fee (like a cell phone), but can you really put a price tag on that kind of round-the-clock connectivity?


  1. No camera.  The major gripe about this otherwise nifty gadget is that it lacks a webcam (no video chats, photos, etc.), likely because Apple didn’t have the software in place to go with it (they have since released FaceTime for live video chats).  Rumors abound that upcoming versions will sport the addition of this overlooked essential, but if you can’t do without the camera, you’re simply going to have to wait it out.
  2. No USB.  Another rumored addition that has been a long time coming, this key piece of hardware would allow users more control over how they utilize their device (while limiting Apple’s control of compatible products, a position they clearly haven’t been keen to take as of yet).  But again, the inclusion of a USB port is just a rumor, so we’ll have to wait to see if it comes to fruition.
  3. Price point.  No joke, the price on this gadget has given many pause.  Considering the benefits of toting an iPhone (smaller and with more functionality, except for the eReader), there doesn’t seem to be a lot of reason to go for the bulkier iDevice.  Honestly, between an iPhone and a Kindle, you can get everything the iPad has to offer (and more) for less than even the cheapest iPad.  This has been a major drawback for many who like the novelty of the iPad, but prefer a more sensible and cost-effective option.

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