We all think about it. We all hear about it on the news. But what do we really believe? What is really the “bad” in using technology on a constant basis. Read the below and tell us what you think.

You have probably heard a number of rumors about the effects of technology on your health; that having a cell phone next to your head can cause brain cancer, for example, or that pregnant women shouldn’t stand near a microwave that is running because it may harm the fetus.  Some of them may be true but most have not been thoroughly tested, making them little more than speculation.  The truth is, technology on its own is not likely to cause you any lasting harm.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be around very long.  But it can have an effect on your health if you abuse it.  The way you choose to use your technology, or rather the frequency of use can have serious side effects if you’re not careful, and you may not even see it coming.

The major impact of technology on your health is most likely to result from an inability to effectively integrate it into a balanced lifestyle, and the result is twofold: it can have a negative effect on both your mental and physical health.  Many people use technology as a means of communication, but in truth, it can easily turn into a way of checking out.  Social interaction is a typical human activity that helps us to meet our emotional needs.  When you’re spending hours each day on your computer, smart phone, or other communication device interacting with people from a distance, it should come as no surprise that your interpersonal skills and close relationships suffer.  In turn, you may become depressed, despondent, anxious, and lonely, all of which can lead to other symptoms.

And your physical health can also deteriorate due to extended utilization of technology.  Whether you spend hours playing video games, blogging, managing your Facebook page, or Tweeting about playing video games, blogging, and managing your Facebook page, the results are going to be the same: a largely sedentary lifestyle.  You may already have some good guesses concerning the outcome of such living.  You are probably neglecting your diet, foregoing a schedule and eating easily accessible foods (read: processed) that are high in calories, fats, and preservatives rather than taking the time to prepare nutritious and balanced meals.  You may develop a dependence on caffeinated beverages.  In addition, you are not getting the exercise required to keep your body functioning at peak levels.

And with inactivity and a poor diet come a host of problems.  First and foremost, you will probably experience weight gain, fatigue, and lethargy.  Over time, you may develop more severe problems such as hypertension or other forms of heart disease that can ultimately lead to heart attack or stroke, as well as malnutrition and diabetes.  You may go on for some time with no symptoms, but cutting yourself off from the world and eschewing basic personal care will certainly lead to consequences somewhere down the line.  Of course, you can’t really blame technology.  It is only indirectly responsible for any deterioration of your mental and physical condition.  With great power comes great responsibility.  Nobody can stop you from spending all of your time playing with your many tech gadgets.  But if you find yourself in dire straits with your health, there is no one to blame but you.

Sarah Danielson writes for tshirtprinting.net where you can design your own custom clothing at affordable prices.