When it comes to the woman in your life who has everything, it can seem impossible to find a quality gift. If you want to make an impression, you have to get creative. Getting the same old gift cards to the same old stores will produce the same old yawns and phony enthusiasm.


For that reason, here are a few ideas to get you thinking outside of the box.


There are a few universal things that women like. They like to be loved, respected, and treated like a lady, which is why a day at the spa is a great way to make her feel like the princess she always wanted to be. Women lead stressful lives. Sending them away for a day could be the kind of present she needs. Agree to watch the kids, hold down the fort, and clear her schedule so she can clear her head.

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Everyone thinks they’re a comedian. Let her prove it. Most people have at least one skill they wish they had. It’s something they would like to do but may not be sure where to begin. Giving a class or lesson, whether it is an improvisation class, art class, dance class or even a music lesson, could be the perfect gift for someone who has it all. This gift could help bolster confidence as well as talent, meaning more than any gift card ever could.


Few experiences in life can equal that of a night of live theater, sports, or even the circus. A night out on the town is always unique and guaranteed to be fun, which is why it is perfect for the woman who has everything. This gift helps extend the holidays to well beyond one day, as it requires future planning. Although giving tickets to a live event may seem fleeting, it is guaranteed to yield many more memories than a toaster could.


Charity is something people often talk about but rarely do. Although many hearts go out to the less fortunate, few schedules accommodate charity work. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, volunteering the two of you to help out a local charity for a day will be an experience she will not soon forget. While giving the gift of work may not seem ideal, the satisfaction and long-lasting rewards of helping others will easily remind the person with everything about the people with nothing.


Sometimes the woman who has everything doesn’t want anything other than time to herself. While a night on the town or a day at the spa is a wonderful gift, sometimes the best present is a day of total relaxation. Taking the kids to an amusement park while your wife stays home and sleeps may not seem like a very rewarding present, but sanity certainly ranks higher on most wish lists than jewelry. Although it doesn’t cost more than your time, it means far more than anything that can be bought at a store. Just remember to get her a “real” gift as well … otherwise, you’ll come off as a cheapskate.


Although she may have everything, chances are good she may have lost a thing or two in the process. An old toy or collectible is a great way to surprise her and show that you really do know her. Find out what she loved from her childhood, and get her a collectible toy, model, or replica of something she once had. By tugging on those heartstrings, you can easily recapture the childlike magic of the holidays.

Not sure what to get?? Gift cards are always a good backup plan! Consider gift cards from Amazon.com, Groupon, Best Buy (because everyone loves gadgets), or Spa gift cards are all great options.



Finding the perfect gift for someone who has everything can be a battle. In order to really make the gift special, you have to stop thinking about the present and start thinking about the recipient. A present with meaning behind it can easily be far more impressive than one that cost a lot. The Internet can be a resource for building many of these memorable gifts. Although it may be more difficult to return such items, choosing a present with heart guarantees that she won’t want to make exchanges.