I have mentioned before that I have a fetish for bags. This includes purses, computer bags, and camera bags. I have reviewed a few different bags recently. This one is from Techtotes.net. They have some really beautiful bags for laptops, netbooks, and cell phones.

I reviewed the Techtotes Attache AHS6 in black priced at  $125.

This is a really fashionable bag! I chose this size to carry my 13.3″ laptop although it will fit up to a 15″. The outside of the bag is very attractive and easy to clean. The inside is nice and soft with plenty of pockets for laptop accessories. Although, I carry around too much stuff, so it was a tight fit.


  • Dual purpose attaché case – laptop carrier.
  • Padded for laptop protection.
  • Luxurious ultra suede lining – black.
  • Distinctive inside compartment for personal items.
  • Velcro strap to secure computer.
  • Outside portfolio compartment.
  • Studs on bottom for protection.
  • We’ve left nothing out in this stylish laptop bag or attaché case… fits up to 15″ (38 cm) laptop computer

The only thing that I did not like about this bag is that it only includes a strap to hold the laptop in place and not a separate pocket. This is ok if you only carry around paper, and soft stuff. I have portable hard drives, a Flip camera, pens, the power adapter for the laptop, and a few other things. Not sure what did it, but the lid of my laptop got scratched by something else in the bag.

Overall it is a great bag. I got a lot of compliments when carrying it. The strap problem could easily be helped by keeping the laptop in a sleeve.

Techtotes is offering Free Shipping on orders places before December 31, 2010.