One of the main ways to make money on your blog is affiliate advertising.  For quite a while Google was the main supplier of this type of advertising. Slowly other companies are bursting onto the scene providing ads.

Clickbooth is one of these companies. Clickbooth CPC is a new way for publishers to gain affiliate marketing for your blog or website. My Technorati peer, Curtis Silver (very funny dude, you should follow him on Twitter, although he loves to tease me) recently wrote a great in-depth article explaining how Clickbooth is positioning themselves to compete with Google. They are not trying to take over the world, uhh..internet. But, instead they are targeting affiliate marketing, not the search world.

Right now the program is in beta. But, setting up a Publisher account is super fast. I just signed up and it was quick and easy. Only 2 screens and I was looking at my Revenue Summary, which of course right now is zero. Next, I will be setting up a couple of ads to hopefully start generating some revenue.

The sign-up page offers two options, so you can choose the right one for you. CPC would be the best option for most bloggers.

The CPC platform promises:

  • Monetize your site traffic with one
    Ad Code!
  • Text Ads got you down? Photos + Text
    Converts Double!
  • Guaranteed 100% Inventory fill!
  • Clickbooth Exclusives + CPC
    = Industry Proven ECPM Leader

They already have a great list of advertisers that includes some big names like Dish Network, Gevalia, and DirectTV with more signing on each day.

If you are looking for ways to monetize your blog, become an affiliate today and start getting paid.

Disclosure: Although this post is brought to you by Clickbooth, all opinions are my own.