I have written before about recycling or selling your old cell phones instead of just throwing them in a drawer. There is no better time like right after Christmas when so many will be upgrading their phones, or gifting new ones for Christmas.

I have a fair amount of UK readers, so I wanted to share this site with you. SellMyMobile.com allows you to sell cell phones and get paid for it. What is unique about this site compared to others is that it gives you quotes for SEVERAL sites on a comparison chart so that you can get top dollar for your phone. It details whether you will get cash or  a voucher and even tells the approximate price for a non-working phone (some models). You can see which services provide free shipping. Some will even send out a prepaid shipping package for you to ship your phone in. And of course, you don’t want to pack your phone up and send it to just anywhere, so you can check the User Ratings to see which sites have gotten the best reviews from previous users.

You can also read up on the most popular phones such as the iPhone, Nokia N8, HTC Desire, Blackberry Torch, and the Nexus S. Hard to believe that some folks would be trading in these phones already, but they do. Yes, there are some that switch gadgets even faster than I do. 🙂 Or, they try it out and decide that it’s not for them. I have heard some guys trade in phones after around a month of use because their big fingers just can’t get used to typing on the tiny keyboards.

So anyway, if you are looking to unload your families old phones after this holiday season, check out a site like SellMyMobile.com.