A while ago I was chosen by BSM Media to throw a Toy Story 3 Action Links party to see what my kids thought of the toys. Well, the party never happened due to sickness, etc. and then before you know it, it was almost Christmas. I decided to save the toys and stash them until Christmas and then unleash them on my kids.

I had as much fun as my kids playing with this set! Setting it up gets your mind working although it is pretty easy. This is a really, really cool concept and gets you thinking. It is all about the chain reaction. I love how all the kits work together to create a larger play set. And there are extra action figures available so you can have the whole Toy Story 3 gang!

The sets we received include:

  • Evil Dr. Porkchop Attacks
  • Jessie to the Rescue
  • Buzz Saves the Train
  • Sunnyside Breakout Deluxe Playset
  • Junkyard Escape Stunt Set

Each set comes with at least one action figure to help put your set into action!

My kids also got the movie for Christmas. It  was so much fun to watch it again on Christmas Day and compare the different scenes to the sets that we received. My kids were saying “Hey, this is when the escape from the dumpster” and stuff like that.  But, the best part of this set is that it is super easy for the kids to figure out how it works. It comes with clear setup instructions, but even if they cannot read (like my 4 year olds), they can look at the pictures and figure how where everything goes. I had great fun helping though! My favorite parts are the conveyor belt and the crane.

And it is SO versatile. All the sets hook together by a simple little green clip and can be mixed and matched to make all kinds of things happen! Check out this movie that we made:


This took a few takes because we kept forgetting to setup something, or wind a knob, so we were super excited to get it on tape. LOL!!

I HIGHLY recommend this kit for the kiddies who love to play with trains, or get technical and see things work! Perfect for ages 3  to 36. Yes, I said 36, since I had so much dang fun :).

The different kits are all pretty reasonable and can be purchased individually to build up your collection. Or, you can go for the gusto and purchased the full deluxe set. Check out and see all the options. This one gets a HUGE thumbs-up from Mommy. Highly recommended. I said that already didn’t I?  🙂