As the New Year approaches and you promise yourself that you are going to do a whole bunch of things that you put off before, I would bet money that at least some of you have “Take better care of my computer” listed. This could include backups, virus protection, spyware checking and more. This should also include cleaning up your computer from months of heavy use.

I wrote an article not too long ago for the ChicaLogic site, Back That Thang Up and Keep it Clean, that included some tips on keeping your computer running smoothly. In that post I included that you should use a tool like ChicaLogic to periodically check your computer registry for errors.

Well, I don’t always constantly practice what I preach! HA. I’m sure this is not surprising. 🙂 I have had a code to actually try out ChicaPC-Fix for a couple of months. It was not until yesterday when I turned on my main laptop and it CRAWLED that I said to myself “This is probably a good time to do that ChicaPC-Fix review”. After all, how would I actually know if it worked well if my computer was working fine already??? So, I got it installed ran it and OMG… What a difference. I was a little surprised that it found so much wrong with my PC. After all, I am LittleTechGirl. 🙂 But I am also insanely busy, so things get put off. But, the PC must run to get work done!

Setup was straightforward and simple. And once installed it got right to work. It found a total of 4244 problems with my computer!!! I said to myself “What what what??” Poor thing.

The scan did not take long. And as you can see it found all kinds of stuff! Most of these errors come from extended use of installing, uninstalling, upgrading, and deleting apps and data from your computer. Sometimes when a program is uninstalled it is not completely cleaned from the registry. This causes a lot of extra info hanging around in there that can slow things down. There are also several other things that it fixes.

Once the scan is complete you have the option of what you want it to clean. I kept it all checked! After all, my PC was running like poo anyway and I could not do anything. I barely got it running good enough to get the program installed. So, I left it all in. Cleanup was fast. It only took a couple of minutes for my machine to transform from being a “bad” computer to a “very good” computer. 🙂 And it was running smoothly again.

By the way… despite the name, this also works on boy computers. 🙂 So fellas, if your PC needs cleaning up, you can use it too!

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