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Having virus software is essential. Your PC is NOT safe without it. And now, with the invention of new threats to our computers (these people have WAY too much time on their hands), we also need to worry about Spyware among other things.

Having a great tool that can protect your computer from both is a must. This is especially important for those that might not be too tech savvy and don't have the know how needed to download and install separate tools for each. VIPRE Antivirus software fits this bill nicely. It is a small program that runs without bogging down your computer. That has been my complaint for years with some other antivirus programs. They are huge and sometimes include a lot of bloat like browser toolbars and extra programs that actually hinder your computer performance, not help it.

I installed Vipre Antivirus on my netbook since it was time to update the virus software anyway. Installation was pretty quick. I then ran a Quick scan. I did not run full yet because I don't really think it needs it, but there are scheduling tools that allow me to set this to run overnight. It found only 1 threat (luckily!) which was a cookie and blasted it away.

I am really impressed with the footprint of this software. It is perfect for netbooks which you do NOT want to slow down with a ton of software residing in the background.

The New Year is coming, and yes… I keep reminding you that you need to make sure that your PC is in tip-top shape. So, if you need to update your virus software, check out Vipre.

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