Valentine’s Day is about a month away. As I sit and think about what that day means, my priorities have changed. It is great to have a romantic day with my sweetie, but now that I have kids they are usually the first ones that I think of. Especially my girls who think Valentine’s Day is a big deal!!! I usually make them cards, and get them a little gift.

I am seriously thinking about choosing one of these musical jewelry boxes.  I remember having one as a kid and I used to love opening the lid and hearing a little song. I wish that I could remember what it played. My girls are definitely prissy and have just started getting into keeping jewelry like earrings and stuff. I want them to learn to take care of it, so something from the Baby Music Boxes section of this site would be perfect. The price point is a tad higher than I would spend, so I think I will with one and let them share. They share a room anyway. 🙂

I need to think of something to get for my boys. They were SO tickled at getting their cards last year. I want to make sure that I do not disappoint this year. Until they are all old enough to have their own sweeties, I will fill those shoes. 🙂