Finally…. Whew. After 8 days away at CES and Ford Green, I am finally home. It is much welcomed. Getting home was a task too. I spent several hours in the Detroit airport last night after my flight kept getting delayed over and over. But I faired well compared to some that I know were still waiting when I left. And some others had their flights completely canceled. Pesky snow.

Bear with me while I play MAJOR catch-up. I have a back log of posts to write, videos to upload, products to review. And I know that you are all dying to hear about CES and Ford Green.

I am sending major props to those that can actually post live from events. That is NOT easy!! As a matter of fact, it was almost impossible from CES. The wireless in the hotel was quite buggy. The ATT signal from all over Vegas SUCKED!!! It was impossible to get online even with full bars in some area. I could not get or send text messages. I got reports from a couple of people that they texted me. I never got them! And if you were able to make at call you can believe that it got dropped!

My Comcast 4g mobile adapter would only connect at 3G which I was NOT going to use to upload videos! But some folks stuck with it and stayed up until the wee hours of the night getting posts done. Not me, I passed out a couple of times with my laptop on my lap. LOL!!! The show was so exhausting, it was impossible to think or post late at night.

The experience with the bad ATT was similar in Detroit. Same exact thing at the NAIAS. I now realize that wherever there is a large concentration of users on the ATT network, you can bet it is going to buckle under the pressure. And of course with so many different Wi-Fi hotspots in one place, there is going to be major interference.

Anyway, I have some great posts and videos coming up for you from my trips. Stay tuned!