Yes, I am a day late. Apparently yesterday was National Delurking Day. I didn’t know cause well… I was probably busy lurking somewhere, or napping. We were supposed to pressure our readers that don’t comment into commenting! Reminds me of when I wrote the post, Help a Blogger Out.  I asked you to not be a hit and run reader. So come on… stop hiding.

Anyway, I want to do one better. I want you to stop lurking, leave me a comment, tell me how I’m doing, and even more… tell us where to find YOU! Do you have a blog? Got a Facebook page that needs fans? Want us to follow you on Twitter? Leave a comment telling us about yourself and why we should seek you out.

I’ll start… My name is Kris and this is my blog. 🙂 If you want to stalk me, you can do so at these places:

Now, it’s your turn!