I do. Quite a bit actually. But then I remember how busy life already is. And for the most part, I am happy in my job. However, I do know that I am probably being shortchanged in my line of work. Could I change that? Probably so. I know quite a few people who have gone back to school and gotten Master’s Degrees. Heck, sometimes more than one! To those people I say, good for you! I really do commend those folks.

I just did not like school that much. LOL! However, it is SO easy these days. For the past few years I have toyed with the idea of enrolling in an online school. There is a  huge draw to thinking about learning and being in “class” while in your pajamas! There are several sites out there. But how do you know which one to go with? There are some great guides to help you choose and tell you what to look for. But, if you are not ready to take that leap just yet, you can check out some free online resources to get you in the mood for school again. There is some good stuff out there, but it can be intimidating thinking about it all.

How many of you have tried online college? Did you finish? Are you currently enrolled now? How isgoing? What advice would you have for those of us thinking about it?