As previously mentioned, I have this new show on MomTV, Tech Talk After Dark. My plan was to get it hopping after the New Year. But, I started early because I had a cool opp to attend a function with Dell which I broadcast to my viewers. That was on December 16. Now I am ready to get the REAL show underway. The concept of the show is simple. It’s me talking tech. I will share tech tips, tech news, and show off some tech gadgets. I’ll even have some special guests!

Right now, the show is set to run on the 2nd and 4th Thursday’s of the month at 8pm CST. As I get more comfy, I may do more shows!

The show is run on, a pretty popular video site for moms. I plan to do some live reviews and possibly giveaways! There is also room for advertising on the site!

If you represent a tech company or have a cool product that you want me to feature, ask me how you can get your product on the air!