Does anyone else feel this way? Is it ever possible to get ahead? People always ask me, “With 2 sets of twins, how in the world do you get it all done?” I say “Um, I don’t.” No way, no how! As fast as I can mark things off the list, more get added.

And I’m constantly trying to prioritize. Things either get prioritized by:

1. This is more important./This one can wait.

2. This one is easier to do./This one will take a while.

3. This will net $$./This is free.

4. They asked first./This is for me so it can wait.

That last one. I have a REAL problem with that. I am constantly putting off projects, etc. for myself because I have to do something for someone else. Hence the mention of my new sites in the Next Day Flyers blog post that are still not done.

And this is not just about work and business. This goes for personal stuff too. As soon as you feel like you are FINALLY going to make some progress and get ahead, something SNATCHES you WAY back and brings you back to reality. That reality being “Oh, what were you thinking? Why did you think that you were going to be able to do ____? HA HA HA!” I totally feel like I have the little Angel and the Devil on my shoulders. Except they instead represent Getting Ahead, or Being Held Back. Seriously… why do some things have to be SO HARD?? UGH!!! Some people say “Everything happens for a reason.” Not sure how I feel about that. What is the dang reason? LOL.

I did not really make any New Year resolutions this year. Not solid ones anyway. But all the silent ones that I made (but did not write down) have gone out the window already. LOL!!! Well, perhaps I will attempt to start again on February 1??

And one more thing, why does everything in the world have to revolve around $$?

Ok, thanks for listening to the rambling.  And now back to our regularly scheduled programming and tech talk! 🙂