When you decide to pick up a new gadget, what do you do first? Most of us hop on the web and start comparison shopping. You go from site to site counting up where you would save the most after shipping and tax (if applicable). But, what if you need something in a hurry? The closest place for me to go to with computer parts and gadgets is Best Buy. When I don’t want to wait, this is where I head first. And you can even purchase online and then pick up in the store.

I don’t use a lot of paper coupons, but whenever I am buying something online I definitely seek out the promo codes. You would be surprised how much of a difference they can make on one purchase. And did you know that you can also find coupons for Best Buy? Yep, there are Best Buy promo codes that can save you money. This is perfect for doing an online order to pick up in the store. You just put the promo code in your shopping cart and go.

I actually did quite a bit of comparison shopping yesterday in order to help a friend purchase a new hard drive for her broken computer. And since we needed it in a hurry, Best Buy was the first place that I looked. Unfortunately, there were no coupons to help with that purchase, but I did see a lot of other cool deals such as $10 – $20 off when you buy 2 or 3 select Xbox Kinect Video games. I might seriously have to check that one out! There are even great deals on DSLR cameras.

I could easily get into trouble. 🙂