I have written before about my love of Zenni Optical. I currently have 2 pair of eyeglasses from there and I spent no more than $40. I even broke a pair (totally my own fault) one day. I was able to order a replacement frame from Zenni for only $6 + shipping. You cannot beat that deal.

I don’t see the logic behind spending hundreds of dollars on glasses at all. Especially for those people with children. When my kids were babies they jumped all over me, pulled on my glasses, or they mess with them while they are sitting on my dresser. I would be really, really upset if one of them broke a pair of expensive glasses.

Zenni has a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes and price points. And a recent site revamp makes it even easier to order than before. You can upload a photo of yourself to try on the glasses that you like to see exactly how they look.

I have been thinking of getting a new pair (or two) for a while. I have not ordered yet from the newly laid out site, but i cannot wait to try it. I just recently got my eyes checked, so as long as I have a copy of the prescription from my eye doctor, I’m all set. It’s easy as pie.

And the best part? The maximum price on the site is only $46.

Before you spend an arm and a leg on a new pair of glasses, why don’t you check out Zenni Optical?