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Voice control for your iPhone is the way to go. This is safest for driving. It keeps your hands on the wheel where they belong. And admit it, it’s just cool to be able to do. 🙂

Evie from Telenav is an app to do just that. Evie not only lets you voice dial, but you can also get directions, play music, and it will even read your Facebook news feed!


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I tested it out right away, and it worked very well! I said, “Find Walgreens” and it immediately presented me with several options of nearby Walgreens. It start reading the options to me, I chose one by clicking the screen and I was presented with the option of getting directions or calling. It reads you the address, mileage, and estimated time to arrival. However, sadly that is where it ends. To get turn by turn directions you are prompted to download AT&T Navigator. The app is free, but only with a monthly plan that starts at $9.99 a month.

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I then logged in with my Facebook account and it immediately started reading news feeds. It was pretty funny, but very accurate! 🙂

I plan to start using Evie quite a bit in my car. I need to load up my iPhone with music so that I can control it with my voice when I want to hear a song. This is an app button that should be on the first screen of your phone so that you can get to it easily.

Evie is very nifty indeed! Be sure to check it out. It is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store.

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