The Blizzard came and went, but the snow is still here. They say that it’s not as bad as 1967 or 1999. Well, I wasn’t around in 1967. I do remember 1999. I think my mother got snowed in with us. If you are lucky enough right now to be out of the range of the huge storm that passed over the US the past 2 days, you probably can’t really¬†gauge¬†the magnitude of the amount of snow that we have here. CPS (Chicago Public Schools) was closed for 2 days which is almost unheard of. The last time that happened was 1999, the 2nd worst blizzard in history.

Today is Friday, and the city of Chicago and surrounding areas are just getting back into the swing of things. School is back in session. The campus where I work is open again. Lake Shore Drive, where hundreds of motorists were stranded in their cars Wednesday is open again.

The total on record is 20.6″ at O’hare. But some non-official areas may have gotten a tad more or less.

Anyway, enough talk… have a look for yourself!