There are many websites out there that allow you to get sponsored post opportunities.  Most of these sites are one way. As a blogger, you either log in and search through opps and choose those that interest you, or you just watch your email and wait for someone to offer you a paid opportunity. This model works well for most. But what if you want to expand beyond just 200 word paid posts on your blog?

This is where Gigcoin can help. Gigcoin is not limited to just sponsored posts. Gigs can be just about anything. So far I have seen gigs for surveys, language translations, posts, and more. Gigcoin themselves had a cool opp for users to apply to be their Facebook page host for a day to engage the community in conversation. I missed out on that one, but maybe next time. It looked like a fun gig.

Of course Gigcoin does allow you to view opps in the system and apply to complete them. If your application is accepted you get an email notification and a certain amount of time to complete the job. However, the Gigcoin advantage over other sites is that it also allows you to enter your own pitch. So, if you are looking for a conference sponsorship, you can enter a pitch and explain why a company should choose you. Pitches can be a range of things.

I recently entered a pitch looking for brands that want their products featured on my MomTV show, Tech Talk After Dark. No bites yet, but I am hoping. The system works well and entering pitches is easy. There is no long process or waiting period involved. You enter it, and it’s there.

The website is still fairly new and has a couple of quirks, but the ladies behind it are great! They are quick to reply and address concerns, and are constantly improving the site and the system.

If you are feeling left out of the brand to blogger interactions, don’t wait around, join Gigcoin today and enter a pitch.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Gigcoin. All opinions are my own.