It’s that time of year again. Today is Clean Out Your Computer Day. What better time to show your computer some love than on Valentine’s Day? Just like last year, System Mechanic wants to help you get your computer running at top speeds.

According to System Mechanic, a new study released last week found that, “Nine in 10 Americans admit that disorganization at home or work has a negative impact on their lives. Their productivity (77%), state of mind (65%), motivation (53%) and happiness (40%) are negatively affected when there is disorder.” I totally agree with this. When I try to work, if anything is in my way, or out of order, or my computer is not running like it should, it is SO hard for me to get anything done.

Well, if you have that same problem, you can get fix it by cleaning up your computer. Unfortunately System Mechanic won’t clean up your office (darn), but you can get your computer running in top form again.

System Mechanic is the #1 PC performance software designed to clean, de-clutter, fix, and speed up the computer automatically. With over 50 features, it’s perfect for novice and expert users alike to bring back that like-new PC performance.

Here are a few other tips that I have for cleaning up your computer:

1. Clear the Desktop – I am bad at this. I use my desktop as my working space so that I can easily find things that I am not quite done with. However, after a couple of weeks my desktop is half filled with icons! Well, if yours looks like that, take the time to file stuff away.

2. Organize your Music – Another thing that I need to do. I rotate between more than one computer, and I sometimes end up with different music libraries. Ugh. My plan is to merge and sync all of my music onto my external network drive. That way, I have the same in all places. 🙂

3. Update your virus software – This should be done automatically. However, many people are guilty of letting their virus software expire and then they don’t update it for months. Make sure that yours is up-to-date so that your computer stays protected.

4. Clean OUT your computer… literally – If you have had your computer for a while, the inside can get dusty. It always amazing me when I open mine up to work on it and it is full of dust. You can use canned air or a small vacuum to clean out the dust bunnies.

5. Organizing your desk and cords – Working in a messy environment does not work! Clean up and organize that area. Get the clutter off the desk and filed away.

Now, go and get to work!

Happy Cleaning. 🙂