I wrote this post last Valentine’s Day, but it still applies so I’ve revamped it for this year to include things that you can do right now, at the last minute that will still have a huge impact.

Lots of people are working today, traveling for business, or carrying on a long distance relationship. These are great tips to let your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend (you get the point) know that you are thinking about him or her today or any other day.

1. Send your sweetie an SMS telling them that you are thinking about them when you know they are in a boring business meeting, stuck on the train in a commute, or studying up for a company test. This will make them smile for a moment or two. Just a tip: Make sure that you send the mushy notes to the right person. 🙂 I once got an “I Love You” from my boss to which I made a face and thought hard how to respond. Luckily it was quickly followed up by “Oops, that was for my wife.” 🙂

2. Use your cell camera to take a photo of yourself blowing him/her a kiss and send it off via MMS. Or, hold up a sign saying “I (heart) You” and take a pic of that and send it off.

3. Take a photo of yourself standing at the place were you first kissed, your first date, or any other special place that they will recognize.

4. Send an e-card from one of the many free sites.

5. Write an email letter. Sure, using pen and paper is a true old school letter and some think more effective, but typing an email is fast and can be delivered almost instantly once those special thoughts come to mind. Who wants to wait 3-4 days for the mail to be delivered when you want your sweetie to know how you feel right now? Still feeling nostalgic? Write the letter on paper, scan it, and email it with the disclaimer that their hard copy is in the mail, but you just could not wait for them to read it.

6. Create an online slideshow of pics of the two of you from the past year and set to songs that you have enjoyed together. Check out a side like Slide.com.

7. Create an online playlist of favorite love songs, or songs that remind of you of your sweetie. Sites like Mixtape.me (perfect name!) can help.

9. Setup a webcam date to meet at your computer, chat, and make ga ga goo goo faces at each other. Use Skype, Gmail chat, or even FaceTime if you both have  an iPhone 4.

10. Watch a movie together. Rent a movie or find one on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, or Amazon Video on Demand or setup a time to watch something coming on cable and hold the phone while you watch. Yep, that’s right… just like when you were teenagers. 🙂 You can comment on the movie together and eat popcorn.

11. If you have a blog, dedicate a full post on VDay telling them how you feel for the world to see. Or, even better… make a splash screen that visitors will hit BEFORE your blog loads. That will make your sweetheart feel loved and embarrassed as heck!

12. Bombard their Facebook page with sweet things all day long.

These are just a few of the ideas that came to mind. What are some of the things that you have done? Do you have any other ideas?