When I got my Wii, I received a copy of Raving Rabbids Travel in Time to review. What a fun, wacky, insane, confusing, funny, happy, sad, mysterious, crazy game! Yes, all of that in one game. There is so much going on here that I am not even sure where to start. It’s mostly a good insane, luckily. The game is rated E for Everyone 10+. It does state that there are references to alcohol, crude humor, and mild cartoon violence. It is not too bad at all.

We just got our Wii not too long along, so this is my first experience with the Rabbids. I was not familiar with the game at all, but I see that there are a few other games that I may just have to check out.

The concept of the game is simple (sorta). There are cute little rabbits that have gone mad. They are traveling through time and wrecking havoc on history.  The time machine? A washing machine. And it looks like the one in our house, so my kids now want to know if we can turn it into a time machine. 🙂

Official Ubisoft description: The Rabbids are about to change the course of human history and you’re invited to the party! The Rabbids are bwaaack and this time they have an infallible plan to invade the human world: CONQUER HISTORY! When they discover time travel with their Time Washing Machine, you can bet they will cause loads of ridiculously wacky mayhem in history.

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time for Wii Review


I have to admit that it took a little work for me to figure some of it out. But as kids are good at doing, leave them alone for an hour or so with the game and they figure out all kinds of things. This game can easily provide hours of fun because there is just so much different stuff to do. Each of the different worlds (times) is conquered in a different way. The Rabbids have to collect things, fly, drive, run, jump, shoot toilet brushes, and more. One of the things that confused me a bit was when we wandered into a quiz room. Oh boy. I think I mistakenly picked to do 25 questions. And I had to stay for each and every one of them. Most of which I did not know the answers to. At all. So, that took quite a while.

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time for Wii Review

Oh, and the Rabbids dance too. You will see some of that in the 2nd video below. However, I don’t think we were doing it right because we were not moving as much as the caveman that was dancing in front of us.  🙂 It all just takes practice.

My absolute favorite thing about this game is that it can be a 4 player game. I have 4 kids. No one has to fight over it being their turn to play. It’s awesome. And it forces them to use teamwork because on most levels they have to work together to complete it. When the game starts out, the Rabbids are all connected together with toilet paper (yes, toilet paper) on their feet. So, even if one is not cooperating they are dragged along by the others to wherever it is they need to go. In the rest of the game, they have to follow each other around, help each other, and wait for everyone to get to the same point to move on.

We have just really gotten started. I know there is so much of the game that we have yet to see. I am looking forward to checking out the other 20 levels.

Here is one of the official trailers courtesy of Ubisoft:

The video about sums it all up. Like I said… it’s insane. 🙂 Although, I think you might enjoy the below one a little more. One of my 7-year-olds, Alexis has my old iPhone. She decided to make her own video about the game. I told her that I would use it in my post. She gave great commentary! 🙂



Disclosure: The Raving Rabbids Travel in Time game was supplied by Ubisoft and the Clever Girls Collective in exchange for this review