Ok. So this site and 1 other are now fully running on Hostgator. It took a couple of days for the move to complete. This is mostly because of DNS propagation. Yesterday half of the folks that visited littletechgirl.com were seeing the new site. The other half were still being pointed to the old site on Hostmonster. It was weird.

Other than that everything is so far so good. I even notice a difference in the speed when loading. On Hostmonster, it took quite a while for the homepage to load because of all the photos, etc. And just because I had so many files. Now I see a noticeable speed improvement in the loading time. I do see an error in IE which I am working on fixing though. If anyone else has any problems with anything on the site, please let me know.


I also took the opportunity to upgrade to WordPress 3.1 since I had just backed everything up for the move. The notification that it was available came in right on time. I like it so far. I’ll have to poke around and see the differences. You can upgrade in your WP Dashboard, or download it directly from WordPress.org.

Now, I have several other sites to move. I have plenty of backlogged posts to write, and some graphic changes to make.

Sigh… Such is life. 🙂