I have been actively using Facebook for maybe 2 years now. I cannot remember exactly when I got started. I do recall it was one of those things similar to Twitter where I signed up, looked at it and said, “What is the point of this?” and just let it sit. It was not until I started hearing others talk about it that I said “Hmm… maybe I should revisit this Facebook thing.” At the time it was mostly for keeping up with family. The usage sure has expanded.

We are always enduring Facebook changes. Usually, they are for the good, or we get used to them. But sometimes there are things that the majority of users just don’t like, or just can’t get used to. Facebook recently made some changes to user profiles, pages, and groups.

Here is my list of things that I would like them to change back.

1. Page post order: On my LittleTechGirl fan page, I have no clue what is going on. Posts are displayed in a random order that makes no sense. I would assume that the thought was doing it this way was similar to that of Gmail and the way that threaded emails pop up to the top of the page when there has been new activity. However, upon inspecting my page this does not seem to be the case. New posts from Networked Blogs show up halfway down the page under older posts that have been there for days. I would love it if new items would be at the top.

2. Page notification emails are inconsistent: One of the awesome new features with the upcoming page upgrade is that page owners will now get an email notification when a fan posts on their page. I have found that this to be inconsistent. I am not always getting notifications.

3. The information box at the top of user pages needs to go: One of the main things that changed with the new user pages is the info box at the top under your name. In my opinion this should stay on the info page. This is most likely static information that does not change from day to day. Users do not need to read this each and every time they visit a profile. This area was much better served by having the latest status update at the top. But now, status updates can move quickly down the page if someone else leaves a comment, a photo, or anything else. This makes it almost impossible to leave a comment at the top of your page that you want others to see.

4. The “All Friends” Setting for the Homepage Feed: With the change, a lot of us did not realize that FB changed an important setting. In your Live Feed it now defaults to show posts from “Friends and pages you interact with most” unless you change it. Well, this make is look like a ton of people just don’t post anymore. You can change this setting by scrolling to the bottom of your feed and clicking on Edit.

5. Photos Interface: While the nice new pop-up thing is kinda fancy, its in the way. Also, the new interface may cause less savvy Facebook users to not see all of the pics that you want them to see. Only a handful of albums show at the top, and you have to click on the small “Photos” link on the right side to see them all.


Are there some things that you love or hate about the new Facebook layout?