StuffBuff is offering my readers another great deal. This time it is on an Xbox System PLUS Kinect. I did some checking around the web and this deal is $15 less than the lowest price that I found. PLUS, it is FREE shipping.

I recently did a post about how much I LOVE my Xbox 360 + Kinect. I will admit that my favorite thing to do is play Dance Central. I have a post in draft about it. Be afraid, be very afraid. LOL! Anyway if you don’t yet have one for your family, trust me.. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

Click over and read that post for all the details on how great it is.

This deal includes:

  • Xbox 360 4Gb
  • Kinect
  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • Kinect Adventures Game

I said above that Dance Central is my favorite. Kinect Adventures would be close behind. I am all for games that get us up off the couch and moving. And on the Kinect Adventures game our favorite is the white water rafting. The kids just crack up while navigating the waters, catching coins and dodging obstacles.

I have only 15 of these to go around.




The total price is $279 which is lower than other places when I did some checking. Want to take advantage of this deal? Just click the Stuff It button below!


Stay tuned! In the next couple of days I have more deals on just the Kinect (if you have an XBox already) + a ton of games!