As you know, I am a big advocate of getting your kids involved in technology. My kids know there way around a computer, Wii, Xbox, and more. Just remember to balance out the time that they spend with tech and low-tech toys and games. It’s all about the balance. 🙂 The below post talks about a few things that your kids may love, as well as things to help their well-being.


Children and adults alike love their gadgets.  Mechanical, electronic and exploratory stuff is available for purchase and play from a number of merchants worldwide. Many classic games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Uno and other iconic board games have made their way to the World Wide Web. Nowadays there are great broadband packages that allow you to play such games safely and uninterrupted on the internet without the irritation of being disconnected; unlike the days of dial up internet.

However there are some gadgets out there that don’t need any form of broadband connection, these include various games that are hands-on.  For instance, Lego makes the Mindstorms NXT which is a great way for the kids to build something on their own. The instructions are easily understandable to build a robot that even comes with sensors. The kids will have a great time exploring and creating with their imagination.

Kids gadgets that are based on movies offer another wonderful choice.  Transformers Movie Leader Maximum Prime and Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House are just a couple of the nifty things out there on the market. The Transformer toy has light and sound as it changes from a robot to a vehicle and back again.  Hannah Montana’s Malibu Beach House is created to look like the set from the show.  Boys and girls can have a blast with these!

Board games such as Biokus Classic can be played with the whole family as everyone exercises their logic and strategic skill sets.  Bakugan Battle Arena is a Japanese style game that includes collectible cards for trade and play.  Marbles are used to choose who battles whom.

Some gadgets are also designed for the welfare and health of children, for example to assist your child when away from the computer or home in remembering when to take medication, or perhaps remember some other recurring appointment, the waterproof Vibrating Pediatric Watch is a neat gadget to check into.  There is a countdown timer that will sound an alarm (with sound or vibration) for appointments and special times to remember.

If you have a daughter, niece or granddaughter, Has she reached the stage of wanting to doll herself up? Along with makeup, be it pretend or real, the outfit isn’t complete without some gorgeous nails. The Barbie Digital Nail Painter could do the trick.  Created by Mattel, it uses the same thermal heat technology that is found in an inkjet printer.  The cosmetic ink in this gadget will give your little girl a few thousand images to choose from.  The best part is she’ll be able to preview the nails before she paints them.

If there are kids in your home that suffer from respiratory problems then you will certainly want the air to be pure.  Crane manufactures a shark or penguin air purifier that is a cute little addition to the room.  These have five stages to choose from so that it can be customized to your child’s needs.  It’s easy to operate with one simple switch.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, too, when it comes to kid’s gadgets.  With the best broadband connection and package you will have access to several other fun gadgets to play with.  You can hook up some wireless games to the ‘Net for further hours of joy and happiness.  Thousands of gadgets and online games are ready to be used for thousands of hours of fun.