Every time I go to a conference or event I get AT LEAST 3 – 4 comments on my fingernails. I have even gotten comments on video reviews on YouTube. Not about the product, but about my nails. LOL.

Why? Because I usually have them done nice and fancy, and sometimes with bling. I have always liked having my nails done. Back before kids I had the time to do them myself. Now? I don’t really have the time or patience for that. So, I treat myself once or twice a month to a trip to the nail salon. In the summer, I get my nails done, and I get a pedicure. In the winter, I usually just stick with the nails. I have stuck to it pretty consistently for the past 2 years or so. It is the only and only pampering item that I treat myself to. I started because when I was a technician, I was running all over, carrying computers, and my nails took a beaten and usually looked like crap. They would break often or peel. So, I started getting gel overlay.

I usually like bright pinks, reds, or oranges. But if I know that I have to do something more professional I stick with white manicure base, and tell them to skip the rhinestones, or diamonds as the cute little Asian ladies like to call them. 🙂 Although sometimes when I say to skip them, they put them on anyway. LOL.

What do I mean by blinged out? Take a look. I was browsing through pics on my phone and realized that I have taken quite a few pics of my nails, so here are a few for you to check out. 🙂 I take photos because I am still very impressed with what those nail artists can do with some simple nail polish and a brush.

If you are ever in the South Suburbs of Chicago and want your nails done, check out CQ’s Nails in Park Forest, IL as first choice. Or Star Nails in Matteson, IL. They are both great. 🙂