As you may remember, I attended the NAIAS in Detroit with Ford back in January. We learned all about electric vehicles and the initiative that Ford is taking to help the environment. And now Ford wants to help consumers better understand electric vehicles so that they can make an informed purchase. If you have questions about how owning an electric vehicle might affect you, there are many ways that you can learn more:

  • They have created a dedicated website to explain electric vehicle technology.
  • You can also visit their Facebook page.
  • If you already own an electric vehicle, there is an in-dash system that keeps you up to date on charge status, driving behaviors that extend vehicle range, and more.
  • And for true geeks like me, you will soon be able to monitor your Ford Focus Electric vehicle from your smartphone with the MyFord Mobile app. We saw a demo of that at the auto show too and it was very cool.

Below is a video that explains very well.

And Ford wants to know how you help the environment with their Take Charge contest on Facebook. Visit their page and tell them what you do minimize your impact on the environment and you could win the Ford experience in Dearborn, MI. This includes a tour of the Ford facility and test track, chats with vehicle engineers, and a test drive for you and a guest. When I was there the weather was bad and the track was icy so I did not get to drive, but the tour was awesome. However, I did drive a Ford Fiesta last year from Chicago all the way to Asheville, NC for the Type-A Mom Conference. I LOVED it. It was great to learn about the advances that Ford has made since then in the cars and the Sync technology.

So, if you want a chance to try it out for yourself, head on over to the Ford Facebook page and enter the Take Charge contest to win! The contest is on until May 21, 2011.