My kids always have little intellectual conversations in the car. I just listen and giggle. So, the other day they were having a discussion about double bikes after we saw someone riding one down LSD (Lake Shore Drive for you non-Chicago dwellers). This was on that one day when it was nice out. Remember that?

Anyway, this is how the convo went…

Kristopher (age 4): “Oh wow. I want a bike like that. But I want to ride on the front. Jayden can ride on the back because he is little.” (Mine you Jayden is his twin brother)

Kayla (age 7): “You can’t ride on the front. You are a little brother too.”

Kristopher: “Well, if I’m a little brother, how come I’m taller and I know a lot of things and Jayden is short?”


Gas money to the city? About $30

Breakfast to get me through the day? $5

Listening to my kids in the car? Priceless