This weeks Stuff Buff Deals are:

Kinect Sensor for XBox 360 ($129)– If you already have an Xbox, but don’t yet have a Kinect, here is a chance to get it at a GREAT price.

The Kinect sensor adds a whole new dimension to your XBox 360. You become the controller. It’s a GREAT way to have fun and get exercise!

I checked around on the web and $129 is GREAT. Plus once again shipping is FREE. Just click the Stuff It button below to purchase.



Kinect Joy Ride ($39.95) – This is a great game that lets you drive a car and do tricks with your body. Flips, turns, boosts, races, and more.

  • No steering wheel or controller required. Feel the wind in your hair, show off your high-flying stunts and tricks, or blast and smash through a destruction arena. Lean to drift, and use your hands to fire rockets. Flip, twist or spin your car in the air with full-body motion and chain tricks together for even better scores.
  • Racing action meets friendly competition. When the road gets lonely, “Kintect Joy Ride” is the perfect collaborative experience for friends and family. With racing competition or co-pilot cooperative play in the same living room, or head-to-head competitive play for up to eight players on Xbox LIVE,* getting into the game is now easier than ever.
  • Take it to the street and around the world. Stunning landscapes provide the backdrop for unique driving adventures in three far-flung worlds with six hyperactive courses and a multitude of environments that are exciting to everyone from amateurs to the most skilled.


EA Sports Active 2 ($32.95) – Need to get ready for summer? EA Sports Active 2 to the rescue! I am just getting started. But you may remember my blogging buddies @ADisneyFam and @ReneeJRoss who participated in the EA Sports Active Challenge a couple of years ago with huge success. They were in commercials that you may have seen. Renee is well known for losing over 50 lbs and journaling it on her blog.

EA Sports Active 2 combines fun workouts with tracking with you can do right in your living room. No need for an expensive gym membership.

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