Guest Post: Getting the Best Deal on Home Broadband in the UK

Yes, I have UK readers. Quite a few actually. And just like here in the US, they use broadband internet too. The below article helps our UK friends shuffle through the broadband offerings.


It’s a confusing world – saying that you want broadband is not in any ways enough as you need to decide whether that is cable or ADSL. Then you need to consider whether you want to just get broadband or if you want to bundle this with your phone or television service. And then – just to make it even more confusing – you need to consider whether or not you want unlimited downloads. All of this is of course dependent upon your location and what is available for you!

Cable vs. ADSL

The big differentiators here are speed and whether or not you also want to pay for a land line. DSL broadband packages require a BT landline in order to work – this is referred to as ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) technology – and this service is available through a host of companies that are reselling BT’s network to provide you with your Internet connection.

While you can get land line phone service with Cable it’s not an absolute necessity as it is with ADSL service and with more and more people using Mobiles this might be a good option for people getting their first connection. In addition to the cost savings from not having to pay for Line Rental, Cable customers can get a much faster connection (depending upon location) than most ADSL customers.

Broadband Only

If you already have home phone service and/or Television (including Freeview) service and have no interest in switching providers then you are going for a Broadband only deal. You need to determine up front what you are planning on doing with your connection as if you are a very light user, you might want to consider Mobile Broadband due to the flexibility that it offers. However if you expect to be downloading a lot and/or watching a lot of streaming content online then you would want a home broadband deal. These are available in both flavours – Cable and ADSL – and depending on how much you intend to download and how much you wish to pay you have a multitude of options available to you in the ADSL market.

The primary Cable Internet provider in the UK is Virgin Media which does somewhat restrict your options, but in contrast there are dozens of companies vying for your business in the ADSL marketplace and choosing who to go with is a complex juggling act. I would suggest that you utilize the services of a company like Broadband Genie so that all of your options are presented to you in a clear and concise manner.

Broadband Bundles

Many companies offer more than just Internet service alone by bundling the Internet service with some of their other services. These come in three primary flavours:

  • Broadband/Phone
  • Broadband/Television
  • Broadband/Phone/Television

As stated, with each of the different Broadband packages you are able to take advantage of other services that the company provides and generally if you proceed in this route, the cost of the package is significantly less than getting each service separately. In addition if something goes wrong with any one service you have a single number to call which makes your life significantly easier also! Again to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money I would suggest that you visit Broadband Genie where you will be presented with a list of all the packages available to you and you can make a selection from the choices available.

About the author: Hutch Morzaria writes on behalf of Broadband Genie and Mobile Phone Genie, the independent comparison sites for broadband, mobile broadband and smartphones.

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