LOL! You can thank Sidney over at for the catching title. I asked her a while to give me a short list of questions that she has as a new blogger delving into social media.

I am no Twitter expert by any means. There are millions of people with more followers than me. I have a decent number at around 5900. I am not looking to take over the Twitterverse anytime soon and hit 1 million followers. I am happy with the way that it is going. There is no way on earth to keep up with almost 6 thousand people anyway! But, I have picked up a few things from watching and learning. There is some great value is using Twitter and having a decent amount of followers. Here are just a few that come to mind.

Why Should You Tweet? In short, you should tweet for networking. This is the most obvious one as this is the whole point of Twitter anyway. It is all about the networking.  Twitter is an excellent way to find people interested in what you have to say, get the word out about your product, share ideas, and get feedback. And you can learn a lot. People give away valuable information on Twitter every day for free.

Tweet for Instant Interaction: Twitter is like a huge chat room. It’s better than IM. On IM, you have a select group of friends that you like to chat with. But you can only chat with a few at at time, and they may be busy, or not at their computer. On Twitter, your one Tweet could potentially reach thousands of people who might have an answer to you question, a comment on your post, or who are watching the same show. You don’t ever have to worry about feeling alone on Twitter.

Tweet for Instant Tech Support: Have a problem with WordPress, Comcast, Disqus, Your iPhone, or any other product? There is a huge chance that there is someone on Twitter that can help you immediately. I have had a problem with my Comcast service before. I called, I explained, they tried to send a ‘signal’ and it did not fix it so they arranged to send out a tech. Blah. I hopped on Twitter and mentioned that I had an issue and within minutes one of the @ComcastCares team had it fixed! No home visit needed. There are tons of companies on Twitter that monitor streams and hashtags waiting to see if someone needs help with service. And it works. It makes companies happy to get instant support. The time saved from making a phone call and being on hold for 30 minutes is priceless.

So How Do You Use it? I wrote The What’s and the Why’s of Twitter over a year ago. For some reason that post went viral. I have no idea why. It was very simple, but people kept sharing it. It explain a little about how to get started using Twitter. All those points still stand, and then some. People use Twitter in a lot of different ways. The best advice is to just sign up and jump in. I will discuss in depth way’s of how to find people to follow in another post.

Up next I will cover touch on Sidney’s question “I have a twitter account, and I am a stalker, I mean I follow people, but how do I make it work for me? (or what makes a good tweet?)”. I think this is an EXCELLENT question. And of course the answer differs for all.