Some would not think that a browser for your phone is all that important. But if you are a geek, you realize that it is. I downloaded Firefox on my Evo a couple of days ago and it’s really nice. I recently switched back to using Firefox on Windows versus Google Chrome to see what cool new things Firefox 4 has to offer. One thing that I love is that I can sync my bookmarks to my phone. Also, when I open Firefox on Android it displays my opened tabs from my mobile device + tabs from other computers. There are a LOT more options than in the default browser.

Web browsers are extremely important on mobile phones today, as the advent of 4G and better Wi-Fi connectivity means that people are using their phones more and more to browse the internet.

There are plenty of browsers available for smartphones, with one of the best being Firefox from Mozilla. Anyone who has used Firefox on their personal computer will now that it is extremely reliable browser and is one of the most popular out there. Well now the latest version of the program is available for Android so you can now get Firefox for your Nokia N8 or Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

The new Android version features Firefox Sync built in, so if you already have the browser on your PC you will be able to quickly and easily transfer information such as favorites, browsing history and words between your smartphone and your computer. Something that will put an end to the laborious process of building up your browser profile again.

It is also much faster than the normal Android browser, three times faster if Mozilla are to be believed, so it could be an extremely welcome addition to the Android Market.

According to Mozilla’s CEO, Gary Kovacs “The launch of Firefox 4 for Mobile is a major step toward making the Web accessible and customisable for all users wherever they go. As we live more of our lives online, Firefox has become a trusted environment, providing a modern, intuitive and secure experience across desktop and mobile devices.”

Quite a boast but one that seems to be grounded in fact as the browser is packed with the latest features for mobile like multi tab browsing, the ability to save websites to PDF and transfer them onto other devices and many more.