Dear Vonage,

I used to love you… a lot. I used to tell all my friends about you and talk about how much cheaper you were than Comcast and SBC. But, what happened? When did you become as greedy as the rest of them? What happened to actually being able to save money on your phone bill by switching to Vonage? I will never believe those commercials again.

I actually started using you back when you were new and shiny. The year was probably 2001 or 2002, I cannot recall exactly. I had a main phone line, and a fax line and I thought that you were the coolest thing! But now? I might as well have just stayed with Comcast who would at least give me a deal for getting a Triple Play! There used to be no massive fees tacked on to the monthly. Our first 6 months together were really good. But then things changed. For the worst. I know that good things cannot last forever. But now? What’s up with this bill?  Check out my latest bill:

That is $12.07 in fees. Yeah, not cool. So, Vonage… I am breaking up with you. You can keep your $38.06, because I am dating again. Yes, that’s right…. I have a new man. His name is NetTalk Duo. I just met him today, but I think I love him already. Why? Well, because he is not as needy. I got him as a review, but I am going to keep him. And what will it cost me? Well, for this first year it costs nothing for me. And next year it will only $29.99. That is a full year for less than one month of Vonage (and other) phone companies.

I’ll be writing up  my thoughts on my new friend soon. I just thought that you needed to know.