I have been talking a lot lately about spring cleaning not only your home, but your PC as well. Well, Mother’s Day is coming up. And I bet your mom probably does not have the newest and fastest state of art computer like you do. 🙂 If this is true, you can help speed up her PC and keep it safe with ChicaLogic’s suite of tools.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, May 8th, 2011. Buy One Get One FREE offer! Think about all the photos, video’s, recipes, music, and memorable emails your mom has stored on her computer, they are her priceless possessions that cannot be shielded from a computer viruses,malware, and sypware attack. Give a practical but still thoughtful gift to your favorite Mama and do whats right for her PC. Now till May 8th, 2011 ChicaLogic is offering a free one year subscription of ChicaPC-fix as a bonus offer when you buy ChicaPC-ShieldChicaPC-fix extends the life of a PC by easily giving you the ability to clean and remove all the errors causing a slow performing PC. ChicaPC-Shield is a tool that allows you to find and remove the threats from your computer. In addition, ChicaPC-Shield BLOCKS you from the nasty stuff so you can safely browse, email, shop, bank, tweet, and, Facebook online. No longer let your mom be helpless and a victim to malware and other internet threats. If you want to try the software, go to our Free Downloads section to test them out.


And remember, you do NOT have to be a mom, or even a girl to dig ChicaPC-Fix and ChicaPC-Shield! It will clean up your computer, even if you are a guy. 🙂


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