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In Case You Missed It… Brand Blogger Radio Recording from Last Week

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on Brand Blogger Radio with the gorgeous, petite Beth Rosen of 4 Keys Media. Beth hosts this weekly show that focuses on bloggers working with brands. Also on the show was the awesome Rae Lewis-Thornton and Jenny Pilar-Smythe. It was a great show. And as luck would have it, me… the tech girl had technical difficulties with my phone when it was time to talk. But, a quick phone change and things worked out. 🙂 Funny story though… I have been testing NetTalk Duo. I had been having some issues with it, so before my call I disconnected it and put my phone back on Vonage so that I would not have any issues, and I had issues anyway! LOL!

The show is leading up to the Midwest Moms Media Brands & Blogger Summit happening here in Chicago on July 16, 2011. If you have any interest at all in making connection, networking, meeting other bloggers, and working with brands, you should be there!


Click below to listen. 

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