Spring in Chicago is finally arriving. I *think*. We have had some chilly temps, but the forecast for the next few days looks pretty good. We have talked about spring cleaning your computer and work space a little. But usually it’s the rest of the house that starts to get a major makeover when spring rolls around. Why? Well in my case, I love opening up the windows and letting in some air and spending more time in the actual living spaces of my house instead of couped up in my room. Plus, with summer rolling around, it’s time for backyard parties and bbq’s. I love a good bbq!

So, before you decide to throw that huge function (which I am thinking about doing later in the summer), you want to make sure that your house is up to par. And your guests need somewhere to sit, mingle, and eat! I LOVE nice looking dining chairs. When I first moved into my house 5 years ago, we had an older, cheap, dining room set. The table was pretty decent, but the chairs had seen better days. I spent a LOT of time online looking at side chairs and wood dining chairs, trying to decide exactly what I wanted to use to replace the ones that I had. I was convinced that if we had one more party and the wrong friend sat in one that we would soon be sued! I settled on some really nice upholstered dining chairs identical to the ones pictured.

They made a huge difference at the time! They were sturdy, and I no longer felt like I was putting my guests in danger. LOL!  I have since changed dining sets and the chairs that I have now are nice and sturdy and best of all I can easily wipe them off when little grubby hands get on them.

As for my kitchen chairs, I’m in a constant battle with my kids to stop spilling stuff on them. They have their own little table, but they like to sit at “the big table” sometimes. My chairs are cloth but scrub pretty well. The Grandmothers keep trying to convince me to put plastic over them. Um, no! Remember that?? Back in the day when all the furniture in some people’s home was covered in plastic and you would sit down and instantly start sweating or stick to it. LOL!! No thank you!